Everything Isn't Good Enough

I recently had the pleasure of using a popular cloud base password database service as part of a migration. Upon sign-up, the website directed me to a page to either install their app or an extension. I was not interested in either but the page did not seem to provide a way to just use a web interface (dark pattern?). I tried to install the extension but no matter how many times I clicked install, nothing happened. I ended up guessing and manually changing the URL to get where I wanted to go.

Once in, I did not see the resource that was supposed to be shared with me, confused I got distracted by something else, 5 minutes later I came back (without refreshing the page) and it was there. I imagine this experience must be hell for a non-technical user. Not too long after, I was using the search engine of a popular contracting site and noticed their advance search filter was stuck in my location.

I could remove it, but anytime I clicked search I got no results for "my location". Again, frustrating for me but I can imagine for a non-technical user.

What's the point I'm trying to make? Well for one thing, it seems UX design and testing has lost the popularity it once had. I am really sharing this however for those in the field who are victims of imposter syndrome.

You are afraid to apply for a job even if you are qualified because you deem yourself not good enough or you have abandoned an idea you were working on because you can't match the quality you see from others. Stop that right now! Go out there do what you must. Apply for those roles or launch those products. Clearly mediocrity has been wining and whose to say their mediocrity is better than yours?