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Application Engineering

Suffering from feeble software development and fairy tale promises?

We don't just write code. We solve problems.


Custom applications built for wrangling difficult data sets. Our software experience combined with your expert knowledge in your field makes a power combination that even the largest database must yield to.

Web Applications

The Web has shaped up to be an excellent cross-platform environment for applications that deal mostly with handling data. We build custom web applications that work well on mobile and desktop environments to help you move your information about.

Custom APIs

APIs are the glue that let disparate applications communicate with each another. Where manual uploads or downloads are to tedious, we build custom HTTP based apis that let you automate things a bit.

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Get Your Data Under Control

Data Consulting From QT

Consider the data your business generates its own voice. The easier it is for you to collect and analyze that data the easier it is to hear that voice.

Listening to this voice can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

As data increases however it becomes more difficult to capture and manage with the tools and systems we normally use. We provide customized solutions for data management.

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