We Are Not Your Trophy

Every other race wants to have their say in the affairs of the black man or black woman. For better or for worse, not realizing that they themselves are indulging in harmful behavior.

No other continent has been treated like a helpless child unable to speak for itself and handle its own affairs like Africa and its diaspora. The concept of a "white savior" (not only Jesus Christ) has been so deeply burned into the brains of some Africans that they can only see themselves as second class citizens in the societies they live in.

Whether they are willing to admit it or not.

Even if they are in the majority. They desperately need the voices of "white allies" in order to be treated fairly and accepted into societies that were not built to accommodate them in the first place.
Effectively asking the owner of the house to sleep in the guest room.

The idea of coming together and building economic power and generational wealth beyond a monthly wage is impossible to them because their basic survival instincts have been trained to depend on other races.

When they do see other blacks taking the early steps to build and create that wealth, they either mock them, doubt them, see them as a charity case, or worse, become jealous.

It is for these and many other reasons I believe that while what we are seeing in 2020 has its merit. It will most likely do more harm to the black community if things continue the way they are now.
People of African decent need to stop discussing our issues with other races. What other race do you know of that does that to this degree?

It only works to confirm our status as second class citizens, pets even.
It's alright to explain things once in a while but we hardly have enough important dialog among ourselves, why allow others to hijack the conversation and act on our behalf?

Speak to your black brothers and sisters and get to understand them. You will quickly realize we all have different opinions about what we want for our people and there are many areas where we might end up in conflict. Those areas are what will be used to undermine any progress made, time and time again.

People of other races, if you really do care, and are called on to help, recognize that you are helping the people who called on you, not "all black people". Act as such and even then,  shut your mouth and remain in the background as much as possible.

We are not property; that not only means we are not slaves, but it also means that we are not trophies. We are not symbols of how far and "inclusive" or progressive your society has become.
We are people

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