Is Back Up (Finally)!

It's embarrassing for me to ponder how long this domain has been down.

I simply had not time for writing or management of a personal site.

Being absolutely crushed by work and trying to keep a tiny company going will do that to you.

Not to mention, managing a simple blog using static site generators is more complicated than one would expect.

For the past 3 years or more, when I got the itch to write about something, I posted to LinkedIn or Medium.

Mostly LinkedIn as Medium just never appealed to me.

When LinkedIn first launched the Pulse feature, I found it interesting enough to write one or two articles.

To my surprise they actually got some decent views so naturally I wrote a few more.

Overtime though, I noticed a level of inconsistency in the reach my articles were having.

One article gets 1000+ views the other just under a hundred?
How? I had been using the same method to share each piece.

Of course I have no way to know what's going on behind the scenes because that's proprietary.

Sames as with Facebook an any other major social media platform.

That's the problem with what I call the mainstream Internet. Too much centralization around a few brands, too many opaque proprietary systems.

It's very easy to end up feeling like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick, carrying your master straight to the bank.

The carrot on the stick is attention from your readers and the master are the owners of these social networks of course.

Until the average person is able to distinguish the difference between the Web and Internet clearly, this is unlikely to change.

In the meantime I'm happy to once again have a publishing platform
that I control and am not burnt out by it.

This is made possible by the Ghost CMS which while not perfect, its brutal simplicity allows me to integrate it with workflows I'm more familiar with and publish without too much fuss.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to migrate some of my old content here.

I'm also doing some personal research for a book I am writing that I will chronicle here.

If you know what RSS is, please subscribe. If not, bookmark this page. :)

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