I'm building an app for a private job and boy has it been a trip. I have used Angular before but never in this detail.

At the same time I recently jumped into React to make some modifications to Keystone that I needed. More on that here.

Hopefully, I can do a write up comparing my experiences with the two. Honestly I'm starting to swing towards React because of certain things but AngularJS still seems best for others.

Funny enough though, I can't be less vague than that at this point. Angular gets complicated quickly and there is a lot of rules you have to remember.

React is not like this but the jsx syntax and its alternative is kind of ewww. That said React allows you to keep your code really clean and works well with Browserify.

Angular can work with Browserify but the built in module system sometimes gets in your way.

In my opnion though, Angular 1.x is a pain in the ass for multi view apps.

I may not be getting it all but I say this specifically because of $scope. I'm glad they are removing it for the next major release. I actually can't wait to see what they come up with.

Anyway more on this when I get some more time.


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