It's an issue I have a lot of opinions about. In Trinidad and Tobago we fucked up the education system so bad it probably needs crutches to walk.

This is how I see the local options for education:

  • Institutions that are more research oriented (universities) but are horribly out of touch with the rest of society.

  • Institutions that put profit first and do very little educating and more churning than anything else.

They both continue to do damage to the country. On one hand you have a bunch of know it alls graduating each year who can't think outside the proverbial box let alone relate to the issues real people face everyday.

On the other hand you get these Bsc,Msc,CIM,ACCA and other acronym junkies who want to see return on their investment but have little to actually offer us in return.

Mind you the state continues to blindly fund this nonsense in the form of GATE and whatever grants/funding the universities get. Another thing is how many students have getting a job abroad on their mind.

Which is not something I would say is bad especially if they intend to go away and come back to share what they have learned. Thing is; a large percentage of Trinis/Bagos only comeback here when they run into difficulty not when they are at the top of their game.


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