2015! A new year and new oppurtunities! While 2014 was full of torment and hurdle after hurdle for me; it ended on a somewhat re-assuring note that 2015 was going to be different.

But just to make sure I did not forget where I came from (lol 2014) I ended up taking a trip down frustration lane.

You guessed it! I'm installing Windows 7 on a virtual machine. Now it's no secret that I can't stand the Windows platform. However, some seem to think it's a fanboy thing and either want to spa with me in comparision to some other platform that I probably have criticisms of (GNU/Linux, BSD, iOS etc.) or they start an anti-Microsft parade walking behind me when really I'm going to the shop to buy a newspaper. :P

Let's clear this up once and for all:

I don't care what platform,os,phone,watch,laptop,tablet,drone or whatever you think is best.

If you still think like this, you are stuck in the system, yes between the marketing campaigns and the credit economy.

They are all tools that have a purpose to fulfill. Some are best suited for what they do and some are just easier to use but may not be the best thing for job.

Ask yourself a question: Why do I need technology?

If your answer involves something like 'Other people are doing it', 'the time we living in', 'have to stay on top', unless your career is in some aspect technology you are probably a poor excuse for a human being. Don't worry you have a lot of company. :)

You answer should be around you have 'X' problem to deal with.

What I complain about with Microsoft Windows is the design of the OS. Not the company. I have opinions on the company but I don't lose sleep over them. I lose sleep when I stay up installing updates though.

Installing Windows from an unpatched iso is a mess. You have to wait for a ton of updates, at least 100+ which would be ok if it was quick about it, but it feels like it's just reinstalling itself over and over.

That's one aspect, there is much more but I'd have to write a book. That said, it's not like I don't touch anything Microsft. I wrote this on a Microsft keyboard cause I love them. I also enjoy Excel and the VBA features.

At the end of the day Microsoft is just too big. So it's expected that they won't do everything/anything right. They have too many markets to serve. At some point you start getting conflicts between your profit centers.


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